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How to minimise stress in the workplace

By on 23.11.17 in Your Career

A degree of stress can be extremely useful, allowing us to perform at our optimum. Unfortunately, however, excess stress dents productivity and engenders a negative working environment. In order to access your full potential, you first need to be in a positive mental space that’s conducive to success.

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7 ways to boost your workplace productivity

By Sarah Bloomfield on 09.11.17 in Your Career

Whether caused by a seven-year itch or a 3pm slump, the truth is that all of our productivity wanes at some point. The key to maximising your output in the workplace is understanding that it’s not about working harder, but working smarter. It’s about adopting certain practices and sticking with them until they become habit – I’ve listed seven of these which have helped me over the years below.

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Are you more suited to a larger or smaller business?

By Becky Postlethwaite on 12.10.17 in Your Career

When it comes to making your next career move, big doesn’t necessarily mean better. The truth is that different sized businesses have a multitude of varying benefits, and it’s not until you’ve considered these benefits that you’ll know what size company you should be working at.

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How to cope with negative feedback from a job interview and make positive change

By on 05.10.17 in Your Career

One of the most frustrating parts of looking for a new job is getting and then making sense of feedback...

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5 obstacles you’ll face as a new starter and how to overcome them

By Becky Postlethwaite on 31.08.17 in Your Career

Most us experience nerves before starting at a new company, even those who have been a part of the working world for decades. Nerves are necessary to help you perform at your peak and in this instance are a positive force for making sure you’re fully prepared and alert on your first day.

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