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Tips for candidates asked to pre-record a video interview

Becky Postlethwaite – Managing Director, Direct Recruitment

Due to the lockdown, video technology is now the only option for employers to conduct job interviews. We are now seeing evidence of pre-recorded interviews, where candidates are  given a set of interview questions and asked to record themselves answering these questions.

While it sounds simple enough, pre-recorded interviews can actually be pretty tricky to master, particularly if you have only been given a set amount of time to give and upload your answers.

So here are some tips to help you master a pre-recorded interview:

Be yourself and act as if is just a normal interview

  • Make sure you thoroughly research the company you are interviewing for and try and demonstrate this knowledge within your answers.
  • Dress to impress, but appropriately.
  • Smile and imagine that you are talking to a person.

Rehearse and give the performance of your life

  • Carefully plan and compose your answers and then do a practice run. Record yourself and play it back, look at the areas to improve and keep practicing until you get them right.
  • You don’t need to read your answers word for word, you need to be able to add personality around what you are saying. So, use key bullets points that help you to communicate the main points but also allow for a free flow of dialogue too.
  • Take your time.
  • Clear and concise communication skills are an important part of any job and this is your chance to showcase your skills. Be confident, articulate, don’t rush and don’t forget to smile.


  • Choose your background carefully, what you have in the background of your own home says a lot about you. Avoid any controversial posters!
  • It’s also important to get the lighting right and make sure that you don’t have the sun flooding through a window behind you.
  • Avoid any bad habits, like playing with your hair, looking away from the camera or too many ‘ums’.
  • Stick post it notes round your screen to remind you of key points but also to remind you of your behaviour points.

The likelihood is that you will have been communicating both personally and professionally via online platforms in the last few weeks. But remember you are talking to a prospective employer so be professional, be personable and above all relax.

Good luck!