Direct Recruitment Outplacement Service

We have developed a professional, supportive, and pragmatic service to help employees who have been made redundant

We have a package of services to help give employees the skills to create a personal brand, positive mindset, and confidence to approach one of the most competitive markets for a long time

This service also provides support to the HR function of a business, helping to protect the company’s reputation and reduce the risk of disputes with employees as they feel supported in their transition at an incredibly difficult time

Benefits to you as an Employer

  • Protects the brand, by focusing on the future and helping employees to do the same, you are showing that you are focused on ensuring the company is always progressing and moving forward and cares about their staff and their future
  • Remember that both good and bad experiences quickly circulate on professional and personal social media platforms, so it is important to maintain a positive reputation within the marketplace, which can be facilitated using our outplacement service
  • Helps you stay true to your own company values and statements
  • Demonstrates respect of employees
  • Positive impact on the remaining employees, they will feel motivated and dedicated and this will have an impact on productivity, knowing that staff are valued
  • Fulfil your corporate responsibility to your employees
  • Increases the appeal of your business in the eyes of investors, customers, current and future employees

Benefit to Employees

  • Minimise stress and anxiety for those being made redundant, ensuring they feel supported so they can focus positively on the next step on their career
  • Expert career advice, support and guidance in a difficult job market
  • Have all the right tools and skills to secure their next job faster


We offer three packages from a range of services including;

  • Overview of the current market
  • Development of a job search action plan
  • CV writing
  • Personal branding
  • Effective use of social media such as LinkedIn
  • Physical and mental well being
  • Assistance and tips on job searches
  • Assistance with tailored applications
  • Interview preparation and practice with pre-recorded video interviews and video interviews
  • Advice on additional training or courses that would enhance experience
  • How to network and build connections

Why Direct Recruitment?

  • Experienced recruiters and career coaches/ mentors who have at least 10 years recruitment experience and all have a background before this working in marketing.
  • Great reputation and understanding of the marketing industry
  • Empathetic and knowledgeable consultants who are able to give not only practical advice, but also understanding and encouragement.
  • Experienced at helping candidates find jobs during previous recessions


  • Sliding scale depending on number of candidates per employer and level of seniority
  • Basic package would offer 3 x 1-2-1 sessions to discuss the market, the candidate’s aspirations and to review/rewrite CV