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How to stand out in the current market

Are you applying for endless jobs and getting little or no response?

Are you feeling frustrated?

Then you are not alone.

Looking for a job has changed dramatically since Covid and I wanted to share some of my tips to help you to adapt your job search strategy in response to the change in the current job market.

Have a positive mindset.

It’s tough out there and it is ok to feel unsure, frustrated and even a little concerned. Just make sure that you talk to someone. I am proud to be a Mental Health in Recruitment ambassador and there is so much great support out there especially at the moment, so don’t be afraid to reach out.

Create your personal brand

The likelihood is that you have proudly marketed well know brands throughout your career, but how does your own brand look? Your CV, LinkedIn profile and social media platforms are your opportunity to communicate your personal brand to prospective employers.

Creating stand out in a busy candidate market.

The number of candidates currently looking for a new role are relatively high at the moment. The number of redundancies has increased, and the number of opportunities has declined. So, it means you need to be far more proactive than before and work harder to make sure you stand out.

  • Create your own personal video CV and embed into your written CV and LinkedIn profile.
  • Develop on online reputation, by writing thoughtful and insightful content and sharing with your network, follow and engage with industry leaders and prospective employers.
  • Be open, be curious – look at any new connection or encounter as an opportunity to not only broaden your network but broaden your knowledge.

Job searching definitely requires a different approach at the moment and if you would like some advice and guidance on any of the above then please do get in touch with me

Above all keep going, things will pick up and will return to normal.