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Helping you stay positive in these turbulent times

It’s fair to say these are unprecedented times. We have no idea what’s ahead of us or how long this is going to go on for. As our kids prepare to leave school for the foreseeable future, have exams cancelled, as we start to work from home and avoid all but essential contact and travel, it’s clear that a positive attitude and whatever community support we can offer or receive will have to see us through. And so far, we have been heartened by the strong sense of community spirit and good neighbourly attitudes we have seen.
Equally in the professional world, there is a lot of concern and change. If you’ve recently started looking for a new role, this will all seem pretty frustrating so we would like to help in any way we can.
It’s a good time to brush up your CV and overhaul your LinkedIn profile. It is also worth thinking about thinking about your interview skills and how you may be able to improve these. If you need any help with this, please do drop us a line to – it’s the least we can do in and we want to do what we can.

This will come to an end at some point. In the meantime we are trying to stay positive, focused and well, and hope you are too.

If there is anything we can help with do reach out – even if just for a chat and catch up.

Take care