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Safeguarding your employer brand throughout the recruitment process and clearly communicating your organisation’s values to both existing and potential employees is key to shaping the overall perception of your company in the marketplace. This can have a huge impact on your ability to attract and retain the very best talent.

The experience of a candidate before, during and after the recruitment process can play a significant part in how your business is perceived externally.

The best talent is always highly sought after, whether the employment market is flat or buoyant, so it is vital that your organisation provides a positive experience for candidates who are applying for roles and throughout the entire recruitment process. This is the best way you can ensure that you secure the right people for your organisation.

Job advertisements

Where you place your job ad and how it is presented plays a critical role in attracting the right talent. There is nothing worse than a vague job spec that is littered with typos. Indeed the description of the role is the biggest influencer on a candidate’s decision as to whether to apply.

Most organisations use jobs boards and LinkedIn, but experienced recruitment consultancies are still regarded as the most useful source of vacancies by professionals seeking new roles. It is important to choose your recruiter wisely – and preferably choose one that has genuine expertise in your sector, so they will be able to handpick the outstanding candidates and really test their knowledge in a preliminary interview.

Responding to applicants

It can be tempting to get your vacancy advertised on LinkedIn as soon as that resignation letter hits your desk. But it is a waste of everyone’s time to advertise your position and encourage applicants if you don’t have the capacity to respond to applications. It doesn’t look good if you don’t get back to them at all.

Indeed responding quickly to job applications is incredibly important, because candidates will look upon tardy responses as an indication of a lack of interest or just general disorganisation. Worse still, you could miss out on the best candidates if other companies are moving more quickly.

Equally not letting unsuccessful candidates know that you’ll not be taking things further is both impolite and detrimental to your reputation. And it’s much better to send an automated rejection letter for unsuccessful applicants than no response at all.

The hiring process

We’ve all heard the horror stories of candidates being kept waiting for ages without explanation, interviewers being distracted by their phone or even leaving an interview for a length of time without any explanation or apology. What a company must realise is that a potential employee is interviewing them too – it’s not a one-way street.

There’s nothing worse than taking the time to go to an interview and finding that the interviewer is unprepared. Furthermore a lengthy process can be off-putting and a lack of feedback when a candidate has made the effort to come in for an interview (or several) and then hears nothing at all does not put your company in a good light.

Do give feedback, do be prepared for the interview and do keep the process short, snappy and thorough. That way, you’ll secure top-flight candidates and retain them. The interview process is often a very good indication of how a company views its staff.

And finally, it is essential to note that the majority of job seekers discuss their experiences during a hiring process – be it with their friends, colleagues and acquaintances or online. This clearly shows how employers’ interactions with candidates – from communication, organisation and speed of the recruitment process to their experiences when being interviewed – can impact their brand, in both a positive or negative way. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful communication channels. You would be foolish to ignore this.

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We all know that interviews can sometimes be daunting, particularly if you’ve been looking for a while and just haven’t quite found a role where there’s a perfect fit.

So how do you stay positive and motivated to ensure that you get the job of your dreams? 

Here are our top tips to help you.

  1. Prepare.  Make sure you’re confident you know all about the role by reading the brief, checking out the website and doing your own research.
  2. Give yourself a real positivity boost by checking out your skills and how they match the job.   Do an audit of what you can bring to the role; what makes you stand out and where you add value.  It helps here to think about what you enjoy as that’s normally what you’re good at.
  3. Beat the nerves by thinking of the interview as a two-way process.  It’s as much up to you whether you want to progress.  Think of the questions you’ll need to ask to make sure the job’s right for you and remember you have a choice.
  4. Only go for roles that you really want to do, because that way you can genuinely show your passion and excitement.
  5. Be enthusiastic.   This is the one thing that can make the difference, even if you don’t have all the skills or experience required.   Make sure you’ve identified the things you know you’ll enjoy and why you want to do the job, so you’ll go into the interview full of enthusiasm.
  6. Visualise a positive meeting and outcome.  Think ahead and see yourself enjoying the meeting, getting on well with the interviewer and being relaxed and confident.  Imagine yourself getting the job and looking back on this successful interview.

The team at Direct Recruitment have the experience and know how to offer you the advice that can make all the difference to your interview. Why not get in touch and let us demonstrate what a difference we can make for you.

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How to make sure you’re on top form whilst looking for your new job – 6 top tips

If you’re not working and you’re looking for a new job in marketing, staying positive and motivated is especially important. The longer it takes and the more knock-backs you receive, the harder it can become.  But with perseverance comes reward – and maybe the job of your dreams!

Use these tips to help you stay confident and motivated in your job search.

  • Visualise your perfect job – Write down the ‘must-haves’ for your new role; which of your skills do you want to use and enhance? How much responsibility do you want? Where would you ideally be located? Be prepared to be flexible about certain things such as your pay and benefits.  Your perfect job may not always come with the perfect salary –  initially, at least!  All of this will help you build a vivid picture of exactly what you want and give you something to aim for.  So when you see the perfect role, you’ll know straight away!
  • Identify your skills – Think about what you’re best at and what makes you stand out. Not only will this help you identify the right job for you, it will also provide a handy confidence boost throughout your job search! Ask trusted friends and family what they think you’re good at; this will also improve your confidence – and help you answer those tricky interview questions!   Although it’s also important to identify which skills you need to work on, focusing on what you can bring to the role will leave you feeling more positive.  Remember, if you believe in your abilities, employers will too.
  • Be proactive! – Even if it’s something small – making a phone call, sending an email – completing at least one task every day will keep up your momentum and create a sense of progression. That way you won’t get bogged down and will keep motivated.
  • Look after yourself – There’s no denying how stressful searching for a job can be and it really can take its toll, both mentally and physically. So it’s important to remember that to be at your best, you have to feel at your best. This means making time for the little things that improve your health, happiness and wellbeing.  Whether that’s taking exercise, meeting with friends or enjoying a healthy, home-cooked meal, just making time for the important things will help you face any challenges head-on and stay positive and motivated for longer!
  • Network – use your contacts to seek out new openings. The chances are that somebody you know can help you in your search and whether it’s a friend or an ex-colleague, networking can be a fantastic tool to help you in your job search. Attending career fairs and paid industry events can expose you to potential employers and industry experts; don’t be afraid to approach them and seek advice. Whilst being professional, do try and establish a rapport. This way, if they have a role that needs filling, you’ll be front of mind.  A ‘nice meeting you’ note afterwards never hurts either!   Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date and make it clear that you’re seeking a new role – you never know where opportunities might appear!
  • Keep in touch with your recruiter! ­ – Your recruiter can be the most powerful resource at your disposal. A good recruiter will always have time for you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. With new briefs coming in all the time, it’s important that they know exactly what you’re looking for – your perfect role may be already on their books!

Ultimately, your perseverance and positivity are the most important factors that will help you find the perfect new job.  The more motivated you are, the more productive you’ll be and the more opportunities will come your way as a result. Motivation also breeds enthusiasm and this will come across in interviews. Do what you can to help yourself stay motivated and remember, at Direct Recruitment we’re here to help.