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We all know that interviews can sometimes be daunting, particularly if you’ve been looking for a while and just haven’t quite found a role where there’s a perfect fit.

So how do you stay positive and motivated to ensure that you get the job of your dreams? 

Here are our top tips to help you.

  1. Prepare.  Make sure you’re confident you know all about the role by reading the brief, checking out the website and doing your own research.
  2. Give yourself a real positivity boost by checking out your skills and how they match the job.   Do an audit of what you can bring to the role; what makes you stand out and where you add value.  It helps here to think about what you enjoy as that’s normally what you’re good at.
  3. Beat the nerves by thinking of the interview as a two-way process.  It’s as much up to you whether you want to progress.  Think of the questions you’ll need to ask to make sure the job’s right for you and remember you have a choice.
  4. Only go for roles that you really want to do, because that way you can genuinely show your passion and excitement.
  5. Be enthusiastic.   This is the one thing that can make the difference, even if you don’t have all the skills or experience required.   Make sure you’ve identified the things you know you’ll enjoy and why you want to do the job, so you’ll go into the interview full of enthusiasm.
  6. Visualise a positive meeting and outcome.  Think ahead and see yourself enjoying the meeting, getting on well with the interviewer and being relaxed and confident.  Imagine yourself getting the job and looking back on this successful interview.

The team at Direct Recruitment have the experience and know how to offer you the advice that can make all the difference to your interview. Why not get in touch and let us demonstrate what a difference we can make for you.

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When it comes to making your next career move, big doesn’t necessarily mean better. The truth is that different sized businesses have a multitude of varying benefits, and it’s not until you’ve considered these benefits that you’ll know what size company you should be working at.

Size matters – understanding the benefits

Larger companies are often able to offer a better overall bonus package (including budget for learning and development, health insurance, bonus pay and so on), better opportunities for networking, greater job security, greater options for global mobility and more established ways of working (e.g. company expenses, new business processes etc.). Smaller businesses, on the other hand, are likely to offer more regular promotions, greater professional responsibility, more access to senior personnel and, a lot of the time, a more congenial atmosphere.

Which of these benefits most appeal to you? Consider the below five questions to help prioritise these benefits and, subsequently, bring some clarity to your career planning. Some of these questions are introspective, but those that aren’t should be central to the structuring of your job interview; while you should also weave in these killer questions my colleague wrote about previously. Read more

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Most us experience nerves before starting at a new company, even those who have been a part of the working world for decades. Nerves are necessary to help you perform at your peak and in this instance are a positive force for making sure you’re fully prepared and alert on your first day.

Most of the obstacles you’ll encounter at your new job will in some way relate to time management. Your biggest quandary, and the one that feeds most into the below five points, is how to effectively balance learning as much as possible with getting stuck in and showing your new colleagues your worth. By addressing the specific obstacles listed below, I’ve broken down how you should manage your time; making sure you’re adequately prepared to not just survive in your first few months, but thrive. Read more

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Most of us have been involved with our fair share of bad campaigns. A few people would argue that there’s a couple taking place right now, concluding with the general election this Thursday.

Often, however, there’s not enough reflection done after a bad campaign and the same mistakes are made again the next time round. We’re all quite quick to pat ourselves on the back once one has been executed successfully, but when the opposite happens there’s a lot of finger pointing and shirking responsibility. One campaign should always help inform the next one; there are always lessons to be learned.

Use the below six pointers as an action plan to ensure your campaign runs smoothly – helping to avoid any Dianne Abott-type gaffes along the way. Read more

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While there is no ‘I’ in team, the success or failure of said team often falls to one person: the leader. It’s possible to have a bad team with a good leader but it’s almost impossible to have a good team with a bad leader; such is their influence on everything that happens within the organisation.

Therefore, none of the below will work unless you’re already a confident, commanding, conscientious leader. But even this isn’t a guarantee for success, as building an effective team environment is as much an art as it is a science.

The three below points, however, should at least serve as the sturdy framework from which you can build something bold and brilliant. Read more

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If you’re not working and you’re looking for a new job in marketing, staying positive and motivated is especially important. The longer it takes and the more knock-backs you receive, the harder it can become. But with perseverance comes reward – and maybe the job of your dreams!

Use these tips to help you stay confident and motivated in your job search. Read more

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I saw an interesting quote attributed to the Carnegie Foundation doing the rounds on LinkedIn recently that got me thinking. It read: “85% of your financial success is due to your personality and ability to communicate, negotiate and lead. Shockingly, only 15% is due to technical knowledge”. This statistic is a favourite of salesmen, but I also think it’s a great way to approach job interviews.

Doing your homework in advance of the interview is of course mandatory if you’re looking to impress, however what’s just as important, but greatly underappreciated, is your ability to develop the interview into more of a mutual exchange of ideas and passion points.

Unless you’re applying to be a neurosurgeon the reality is that there’s probably a handful of other people who are, on paper, just as qualified for the role as you are. What’s going to separate you from the crowd is being able to establish a connection with the interviewer.

This isn’t to say CVs are obsolete, although an increasing number of companies are doing away with them, but that they are merely an opportunity to get your foot in the door so that you can convey your full suitability and enthusiasm for the role at the next stage: interview. Read more

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he national working environment in Japan has become so unpleasant that death by overwork now has its own word, ‘karoshi’. The hours in Japan have become so long and the situation so severe that the government has even had to step in, recommending that bosses let their staff go home at 3pm on the last Friday of each month. The initiative should not only lead to happier, more productive employees, but is also anticipated to deliver a boost to the economy in the form of consumer spending (£860m each Friday to be exact). Ref

Employee satisfaction and overall productivity are inextricably linked; the happier employees are, the better their performance will be. It doesn’t matter how large your salary or how big your bonus if you wake each morning with a sense of dread at the thought of having to drag yourself into the office. Can you really put a price on your health and wellbeing? Read more

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One in five of us made a pledge to ourselves this time last year to find a new job in the next twelve months. Perhaps you were one of them but you never got round to it, or maybe it’s only during the past year that you’ve felt the urge to try something new. Well, with 2017 upon us now is the perfect time to start making plans.

Brexit is uncertain terrain and there’s little telling quite how it will affect UK jobs over the next couple of years however in this current moment the jobs market is, in the words of Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) Director of Policy Tom Hadley, “thriving”. Read more