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5 steps to conquering interview presentations

It’s becoming increasingly common for our candidates to be asked to present as part of the interview process. Presenting during an interview might be a foreign concept to you, but don’t be thrown off by it or let your nerves get the better of you. This is actually the perfect opportunity for you to showcase […]

How to stand out in the current market

Are you applying for endless jobs and getting little or no response? Are you feeling frustrated? Then you are not alone. Looking for a job has changed dramatically since Covid and I wanted to share some of my tips to help you to adapt your job search strategy in response to the change in the […]

Tips for candidates asked to pre-record a video interview

Becky Postlethwaite – Managing Director, Direct Recruitment Due to the lockdown, video technology is now the only option for employers to conduct job interviews. We are now seeing evidence of pre-recorded interviews, where candidates are  given a set of interview questions and asked to record themselves answering these questions. While it sounds simple enough, pre-recorded […]

All marketers welcome!

We have taken down all our jobs advertisements as currently the situation in the market is very fluid. The reality is there isn’t much around at the moment but we are in close discussions with all our clients so that as soon as there is any sign of the rebound we will be in a […]

Helping you stay positive in these turbulent times

It’s fair to say these are unprecedented times. We have no idea what’s ahead of us or how long this is going to go on for. As our kids prepare to leave school for the foreseeable future, have exams cancelled, as we start to work from home and avoid all but essential contact and travel, […]

Helping a new employee become a success

Hiring employees that enhance and complement your business is part and parcel of being a manager. The process of recruiting the right candidate can take time so it is crucial to make the right decision and hire wisely. Once chosen, it is your duty as the hiring manager to ensure that your new employee brings […]

A good handshake

This feels like old news, to be talking about the importance of a good handshake in your job search, but yet it seems that so many people I meet on a daily basis still don’t shake hands with any confidence. Every job hunter knows that smart dress, eye contact and polished shoes are a good […]

Why well thought through interviews unearth candidates who are a better fit

Interviews are the way in which an organisation finds its future employees – simple? Not necessarily. Research by Ayal Chen-Zion, a Research Fellow at Glassdoor entitled: ‘Do Difficult Job Interviews Lead to More Satisfied Workers? Evidence from Glassdoor Reviews’ shows that more thorough job interviews have been statistically linked to higher employee satisfaction. The findings […]

How to present and protect your brand throughout the recruitment process

Safeguarding your employer brand throughout the recruitment process and clearly communicating your organisation’s values to both existing and potential employees is key to shaping the overall perception of your company in the marketplace. This can have a huge impact on your ability to attract and retain the very best talent. The experience of a candidate […]