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Your CV – the only thing standing between you and that vital first interview. It’s your chance to make a first impression and we all know how important they can be. That’s why we give you all the help you need to get yours just right.

Every week, we see dozens of CVs. This means we have a pretty good idea about what works (and what doesn't). It's this experience that can help you create a CV that really stands out.

Together, we sit down and talk about you - your qualifications, your experience, your ambitions. We need to know everything. 

After all, it's the only way we can be sure your CV is making the very most of what you have to offer. And it'll be worth it. An average CV won't make it past the inbox. A great CV will put you at the top of the 'yes' pile.

Below you'll find some general hints and tips on how to write your CV - this should give you a good idea about what to do next.

However, we also know how daunting a blank sheet of paper can be. That's why we've put together a CV template, just to get you started. 

The "how to write a CV" experts

The "how to write a CV" experts

Here's how you can make every word count on your CV:


  • Avoid gimmicks - you want to be taken seriously.
  • There's no need to include a personal profile - you don't have to include your age, marital status or a photograph.
  • Use a clear typeface - 12 or 14 point throughout is ideal.


  • Long enough to be detailed without being boring or repetitive - just make sure you make the most of your experience, skills and achievements.
  • Minimise personal detail and maximise your experience - give emphasis to your recent achievements.
  • Don't leave gaps in your history  - your prospective employer will wonder what you've been up to.

Contact details

  • Make yourself easy to reach - include a confidential email address, daytime phone or mobile number (make it clear if discretion is required) and a postal address.
  • Put your name and preferred contact number on every page


  • Give details of your day-to-day duties and responsibilities - especially if you want a change in career direction (as many skills are transferable, but not all employers will know what your previous job involved).
  • Highlight your achievements and quantify them for added impact - this shows employers what you could bring to their business.

The "easy-to-use CV template" experts

The "easy-to-use CV template" experts

We know finding a new job can be a job in itself. That's why we've put together a CV template that'll help you go to the top of the pile.

  • Easy to fill out sections
  • Useful prompts and ideas for content
  • Reminders on what to include

Click here to download our CV template