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7 ways to boost your workplace productivity

By Sarah Bloomfield on 09.11.17 in Your Career

Whether caused by a seven-year itch or a 3pm slump, the truth is that all of our productivity wanes at some point. The key to maximising your output in the workplace is understanding that it’s not about working harder, but working smarter. It’s about adopting certain practices and sticking with them until they become habit – I’ve listed seven of these which have helped me over the years below.

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The 5 personality traits that will get you hired

By Sarah Bloomfield on 20.07.17 in Your Job Search

Building a team that gels together is a tricky task which eludes many business leaders and managers. It's relatively easy to recruit and throw together a bunch of high-performing individuals without regard to their different personality types, but this can often lead to internal discord and division later down the line.

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Does self-promotion have to be shameless?

By Sarah Bloomfield on 12.05.17 in Your Career

Shouting about your own success is uncomfortable for most of us, and understandably so. There is a fine line between being proud of your accomplishments and being brash and boastful, but it’s worth working on because it’s integral to your career progression.

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5 steps to conquering interview presentations

By Sarah Bloomfield on 23.03.17 in Your Job Search

It’s becoming increasingly common for our candidates to be asked to present as part of the interview process. Presenting during interview might be a foreign concept to you, but don’t be thrown off by it or let your nerves get the better of you. This is actually the perfect opportunity for you to showcase more of your personality, experience and skills.

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Working with recruiters? Here's what to expect

By Sarah Bloomfield on 06.12.16 in Your Job Search

Are you getting the most from your recruitment agency? Sarah Bloomfield from Direct Recruitment has identified three key things you should look for when working with recruiters.

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Broadening your recruitment horizons

By Sarah Bloomfield on 05.10.16 in Attracting Talent

Tips for sourcing talent from outside your sector

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A day in the life of a senior data planner

By Sarah Bloomfield on 07.06.16 in Your Career

From planning consumer journeys to presenting data strategies, Melanie Herekar from Proximity talks to us about her world in data planning

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Finding the right recruiter for you

By Sarah Bloomfield on 06.04.16 in Your Job Search

Choosing the right recruiter is essential when looking for your next role........

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Networking tips for marketing graduates

By Sarah Bloomfield on 24.02.16 in Your Career

Building and maintaining a strong business network is absolutely critical to your professional success.........

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How to build the perfect LinkedIn profile

By Sarah Bloomfield on 14.01.16 in Your Career

While LinkedIn is technically social media, it’s for professionals – rather than the party pages that are Facebook and Instagram...........

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How to quit your job without p*%$ing off your boss

By Sarah Bloomfield on 18.11.15 in Your Job Search

Resigning your position is never pleasant – whatever your reason.......

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What makes a good recruitment agency? - The facts

By Sarah Bloomfield on 21.10.15 in Your Job Search

Whether you are a candidate seeking a new role or a client looking to hire, identifying a good recruitment agency is the first vital step in making this often tedious process a pleasant and fruitful experience.......

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Summer is coming towards an end, but clients still need good candidates.....

By Sarah Bloomfield on 26.08.15 in Your Job Search

September is just around the corner and most people are soon back to work after yet another summer holiday

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Still huge demand in data!

By Sarah Bloomfield on 30.04.15 in Your Job Search

Things in data and insight recruitment are looking healthier than ever right now......

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How Long is Too Long in Your Job?

By Sarah Bloomfield on 30.10.14 in Your Career

Want to know the signs you've been in the same job for too long? Also published on the Brand Republic website

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