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Broadening your recruitment horizons

By Sarah Bloomfield on 05.10.16 in Attracting Talent

Increasingly, in today's fluid, competitive employment market career paths are no longer linear. Many people tend to have a portfolio of skills that are as a result of them diverging in new directions. Furthermore, many professionals are willing to move sectors if the right role becomes available. 

But, by playing it safe and only recruiting within their sector, some organisations could be hampering the development of their business. 

The benefits of hiring outside your industry

• Cross-sector recruiting can bring with it fresh perspectives and innovation, helping existing teams grow in their knowledge, expertise and outlook.
• By remaining risk averse in their hiring strategy, employers may be stifling their own creative pool and restricting the scope of skills.
• Hiring in someone from outside will give your business a much-needed injection of 'fresh blood'.
• Candidates coming from other areas will likely be agile, open-minded and bring with them the right competences to do a good job - especially digital folk.
• Don't be put off by their lack of direct industry experience - so long as they come with a 'can do' attitude, you will be able to up-skill them in the areas of specific knowledge they're lacking in. 

Managing the transition

• For candidates moving into a new industry, there is a lot to learn.
• The candidates that thrive best when moving will be adaptable and agile.
• They'll usually possess transferable skills too such as project management, analytical skills, and an ability to communicate - like candidates coming from the Third Sector will be used to managing on small budgets and have top notch presentation skills.
• Providing candidates are correctly assessed, hires from different industries are hugely productive.
• Heads of business are charged with the responsibility to drive their organisations forward and increase their competitiveness 

Those companies that have the courage to expand the parameters of their own industry will be the long-term winners in the war on talent.