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Why an agency should engage the services of a Recruitment Consultancy

By Becky Postlethwaite on 27.04.16 in Attracting Talent

Finding the right people for your business takes time, money and resource and selecting the right recruitment consultancy can be the best way to help you attract and secure top talent in the industry. 

For both parties to get the most out of this process, however, it is vital that they enter the relationship as partners. This will mean that the consultancy gains a complete understanding of your business, the demands, the challenges and the culture. This way they can find the right person who can deliver the best results for your business, whilst developing a rewarding and enjoyable career for themselves and becoming a loyal employee. 

Simple? Not always. There are increasing numbers of articles online with stories of recruitment frustrations. But it can be a very straightforward and enjoyable process if you choose your recruitment partner carefully and commit to investing the time in them to get the best result for you. 

Here are a number of factors that need to be taken into account; 

Specialist knowledge of the market

The very best recruitment consultancies specialise in specific markets and therefore have their fingers on the pulse in that area and can provide valuable and exclusive insight into what is happening. Coupled with that, they should know which talent is currently available, how to reach out to them as well as salary expectations and skill sets. Essentially a brilliant recruitment consultancy should be your eyes and ears in the market. 

Candidate Reach

Candidates can be very hard to find, they may be passive or are simply being very selective. If they don't respond to a job advert, the chances are they aren't currently active, however, a decent recruitment consultancy will know who they are and how to reach them. A skilled recruiter has the potential to leverage their networks to help connect you to the right candidate. 

Promoting your 'employer brand'

If you invest time in meeting your recruitment consultancy and giving them the time to get to know you, your culture and what makes you tick as a business, they'll be able give potential candidates a real insight into your organisation, the culture, benefits and opportunities and help to build your brand as a great employer and destination place to work. 

Regular feedback

Regular feedback is an important ingredient in this partnership. Feedback on CVs and interviews is vital to the success of the process. If a candidate isn't right, explain why as early in the process as possible. Constructive feedback is useful, but make sure you relate it back to the original search criteria. And if you happen to fill the vacancy yourself - please do communicate that, so your consultancy can stop any planned activity. 

Comprehensive Briefing

Providing a comprehensive brief is vital. A face to face meeting or as a minimum, a telephone conversation with the line manager should be an essential part of this process as they will know exactly what they are looking for and will be the one making the decisions. 

Building a partnership with a professional recruitment consultancy might mean an initial investment in time, but once they have gained an understanding of your business you will be able to turn to them repeatedly and have the peace of mind that they will come up with the perfect candidate every time. 

As stated by the REC, "Forming closer liaisons will ultimately bring mutual business rewards. Those employers and agencies that successfully work together collaboratively are more likely to experience future strategic and tactical benefits, in the form of increased efficiency, reduced bottom-line costs, enhanced employer/agency brands and the delivery of strategic goals." 

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