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Finding the right recruiter for you

By Sarah Bloomfield on 06.04.16 in Your Job Search

Choosing the right recruiter is essential when looking for your next role. A professional consultant with expertise in your industry can really help you find your dream position.  

Here are some do's and don'ts for selecting your recruitment partner: 

• DO: choose a recruiter who focuses on your industry and is a specialist in this area - you want to work with someone whoactuallyunderstands the job you currently do and the one you want to go for next.

• DO: look at their website and check out their job listings - how many openings do they have in your sector? What sort of level are the positions? If they have several jobs that are right for you then you know they could be a good match.

• DO: ask questions. A good recruiter will spend time on the phone with you and should - if they are worth their salt - invite you in for a face-to-face interview. That's the only way they will get to know you, understand your skill set and career aspirations and also understand what cultural fit will best match your personality. Furthermore, a really top-notch recruiter should also have had extensive conversations with their clients and preferably have visited their offices, so they have an in-depth understanding of what it's like to work there.

• DO: check out the reputation of your recruitment agency. They should be respected and seen as thought leaders in that sector. A good recruiter will be trusted by their clients and an endorsement from them in a crowded market can make the difference between being invited for interview or not.

• DON'T: ever use a recruiter who has a brief conversation with you and then sends your CV out all over the place without your permission. It will damage your reputation - a scattergun approach isNOTthe best way.

• DON'T: lie to your recruiter about yourself or your background, salary or career history. A good recruiter will thoroughly vet you and you will be asked to provide evidence down the line. If you can't you'll damage your reputation, that of your recruiterANDpotentially miss out on your dream job. 

In the end, finding and accepting a new job is a big move. You have to prove yourself all over again. Since most of us spend more time at work than we do at home, it's vital that you find the right position in the right company with the right culture for you. 

Having the best recruiter, who is armed with all the information about you can lead to the perfect role in an amazing company, so my advice is: choose your recruiter wisely - it can make or break your career.